How do I add my watermark?

How Do I Add A Watermark To My Photos?

Save your new watermark (*png file) to a file on your computer (start a watermark folder under your documents folder - call it my watermarks)
Open your photo software program
Open the watermark (png file)
Open your photograph (jpg)
Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop the watermark to your photo
Save the watermarked photo as a jpg file
Upload to your blog/gallery.

Kodak Picture It! and Watermark 

Open watermark with Picture IT

In Picture IT click on "Open another picture..." 

Both watermark and card will display in the "tray" at the bottom of the screen.

Click on your card 

Click and drag watermark over card in the display window 

your watermark should be located over your card in the display window.

Move watermark into position. 

Hold shift key down while clicking on both images (either in display window or "stack" at the right side of screen). 

Group images together 

Save as JPEG 

Upload your newly watermarked card to your gallery or blog!


Mac User: Adding Watermarks using Live Quartz

LiveQuartz is a simple and powerful free photo editor for Leopard.

This will allow you to drag and drop your watermark right to your photos


Box around watermark with Photo Shop Elements?

Are you getting a box around your "transparent" png when you attempt to use your watermark in PhotoShop Elements?

When you open the PS Elements, is the Auto Select Layer option selected (upper left-hand corner of window). Try unchecking that box the box should disappear!!
http://www.gimp. org/

Here are the instructions:

After you have Downloaded the GIMP program, open the program from the
icon on your desktop.

A box will appear that has different tools in it. At the very top click
FILE...choose OPEN.

Open your image that you wish to watermark.

Once you open your image, it will appear in it's own new window. In the
new window of your image, Click LAYER.
Choose NEW LAYER. A box will open. Make sure the Transparency option
is checked (it should already be). Click OK.
Now, go back to your GIMP tool box (the first box that opened). Click
FILE. Click OPEN. Choose your watermark and OPEN it. A new window with
your watermark will open. It should appear somewhat transparent and
have a grayish grid behind it. Click EDIT, choose COPY. You may now
close this window.

Go to the window that has your image in it, Click EDIT, choose PASTE.

Your watermark may or may not be too large. IF it's' s how to fix that...
Over in your GIMP tool box window there is a bow with an arrow pointing
to the center. If you mouse over it, it will say SCALE TOOL. (it is in
the 3rd row from the top, 4th from the left). Click the Scale Tool,
then click on your image. A new Box will open, that's okay..just ignore
it. Drag your mouse to re-size your watermark until it looks to be the
right size.
The tool that looks like a cross is your move button. Click that icon
and select MOVE ACTIVE LAYER. You can move your watermark into whatever
position you wish.
Once satisfied, click LAYER. Choose ANCHOR LAYER.

Go to FILE, click SAVE. A box will pop up saying it can't handle
transparency, click EXPORT, another box will open, click SAVE.

You are DONE!